How to Select the Right Filter Bags eBook

Selecting filter bags for your dust collector is critical to ensuring long term, reliable performance, and the safety of your employees. 

Inside this eBook you will find resources on these key topics:

1. Dust Properties - Learn the dust properties you need to be aware of when choosing the right filter media and finish.
2. Common Filter Medias - Learn about performance characteristics of the most common filter media options available.
3. Filter Bag Finishes - Discover the various treatments and membranes that can be applied to your filter to improve filter performance and extend filter life.
4. Filter Construction - Understand the different filter construction options and which is ideal for your dust collector.
5. Air to Cloth Ratio - Understand how air-to-cloth ratio can impact your dust collector's performance.

To download your copy, visit our article below.

How to Select the Right Filter Bags

Do You Know When To Change Your Filters?

Maintaining your system's vital components will keep your production down time and maintenance costs to a minimum.  To help you determine if your filters are compromised and it's time for a change out, check out this brief video below.