Dust Collector Purchasing Guide

Learn the top dust collection design considerations you need to know when planning for a new system.  Get insight on features your collector should have to perform safely, efficiently, and reliably for many years to come.

Inside this guide you will find resources on these key topics.

1. Dust Properties - Learn the dust properties you need to be aware of when engineering a new system.
2. Volume - Understand key variables for measuring volume or airflow.
3. Air-to-Cloth Ratio - Learn why air to cloth ratio is important and how to find the right air-to-cloth ratio for your operation.
4. Dust Collector Styles - Learn about three most common dust collectors, their advantages and disadvantages.
5. Low Maintenance Design Features - Find out the important dust collector design features that will help you save time and money in long term maintenance expenses.
6. Additional Resources - Learn more about combustible dust considerations and on demand cleaning.

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Dust Collector Purchasing Guide

CleanFlo Cartridge Dust Collector

Take a 3D tour of our CleanFlo cartridge dust collectors. You'll get a peek at the units from the outside in.  See how our compact, high efficiency models are designed to clear the air while reducing long term maintenance costs.