Dust Collector Maintenance Guide

A collection of troubleshooting and maintenance tips to keep your dust collector healthy and running at peak performance.

Inside this eBook you will find resources on these key topics:

1. Troubleshooting - Learn how to troubleshoot and solve dust collector issues ranging from bad pulse valves, a leaking dust collector, changes in pressure, and more.

2. Dust Collector Parts Change Out - Watch step-by-step video guides on how to  quickly change-out some of the most commonly replaced dust collector parts.

3. Baghouse Entry Procedures - Discover how to safely and efficiently perform maintenance or troubleshooting within the interior of your baghouse.

4. Preventative Maintenance Plan - A comprehensive proactive maintenance plan can help you achieve longer filter life, reduce unplanned downtime, and prevent dust collector explosions.

5. Checklists - This includes a dust collector maintenance checklist, start-up checklist, and action item checklist that will help you discover and record maintenance issues you may encounter.

To download your copy, visit our article below.


Dust Collector Maintenance Guide

Baghouse 3D Product Demo

Do you have a new dust collector project coming up? Take a 3D tour of our pulse-jet baghouse. You’ll get a sneak peek at the unit’s top design features and capabilities. See how our pulse-jet baghouse models are designed to clear the air while reducing long term maintenance and energy costs.